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Why all organizations should implement Lean

There are many ways companies benefit from implementing Lean management structure, system and training their staff on Lean principles.

Julia Novik, Innovation Coach, Founder, Lean Practice Group, named two main benefits companies get from implementing Lean management structure, system and training their staff on Lean principles:

  • They become a lot more efficient, so the daily management, the daily operations of running business become a lot smoother, you get less defect, you have less errors and less rework in your business. That results in better customer service and improved profitability and managed costs. The key concept of Lean is to be able to do more with the same resources. So if you running manufacturing lines and because of new customers you need to produce more, instead of having to hire more people, as we know labor costs are going up and it’s one of the main cost drivers for any business, you are able to manage your operations with the same amount of staff and therefore become more profitable and be able to grow your business.
  • You can create sustainability in your business and running your business in a more organized fashion, with better quality and safety. That results in a better employee engagement. As we know in many companies employee turn over and employee disengagement or lack of productivity is a really big cost to any organization. With the Lean principles and program you are allowing employees to stay engaged on a continuous basis, because they’ve been engaged on daily basis through huddle meetings, short recapture of the day with your staff and management team. That allows to keep the momentum going and keep everyone focused.

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