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Training and Coaching: How We Help Our Customers

Lean is much bigger than just process improvements. We focus on people. That’s number 1 of any Lean training.

«We do many trainings, we work, we focus, we specializing Lean trainings, but Lean is much bigger than just process improvements,» – says Julia Novik, Innovation Coach, Founder, Lean Practice Group. «We focus on people. That’s number 1 in any Lean training, so we added a lot more trainings on leadership development, what it means to run your daily operations as a manager, how do you engage your people, how do you keep your people on track, how do you make sure that everybody is aligned and understands what they should be focusing on.»

Julia Novik explained that they have variety of trainings from 1 day on conflict resolution or how to run 5S, which is principles around how to organize your space, so any trainings could go from 1 day, to 2 or 5 days, depending on if you want to get certifications.

«We have different levels of certifications from Lean Yellow belt to Lean Green belt,» – she pointed out. «We run leadership development sessions, which involve many aspects of leadership from people self-awareness about their communication styles, team dynamics, building high-performance teams to performance evaluations and senior management leadership trainings. These we run both in house, at the companies facilities cites, as well as we run open training sessions, where we invite people from different sectors and companies, and they come to our trainings in a large auditorium, learning facilities, where they can learn and also exchange best practices from each other.»

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